What a day!

Yawning Zane

Yesterday started with a half foot of new snow on the ground and our car parked at the base of the hill. I worked from home until it was time to pack up Zane and head into town for Guppies. Zane was strapped and snuggled into his car seat, which was then strapped onto a sled. He fell asleep a few minutes into the one mile sled ride down to the car.

He slept through the drive into town, the slushy walk across the parking lot and into the pool changing room, and through his dad changing clothes. I had Zane almost undressed before he finally woke up with, “whaaat? where are we??!”

He was certainly awake after our super-quick cold shower.

Guppy swimming lessons consist of singing kid songs synchronized with splashing and swimming with the babies. I think the idea is to have the baby think, “hey, play time!” while surreptitiously introducing them to floating and splashing and kicking in the water. Zane didn’t need the distraction, he was into the water right away. Only towards the end did he start to get a little fussy. He doesn’t have much insulation and I think he was starting to get cold. Luckily I found the “warm” showers after guppies or he would have been really upset with me.

Afterwards we went to work for a while. He drank milk and teetered on the verge of taking a nap for a couple hours but never quite made it. We headed home around two. Zane immediately falling asleep in the car and sleeping well past four, when Faith finally woke him for his late lunch. And then it was off to mommy night with dad while Faith went off to her women’s night out.

A bunch of dads and moms and babies showed up and we were all having a grand time: feeding babies, making faces, doing our best sound effects, smiling and laughing when Zane had an accident. I’d fed him a bottle of banana/peach mush (normal amount) and we were working on milk when he erupted like a volcano. Banana/peach/mommy milk volcano, mind you, but scary all the same.

I sat there stunned, trying to catch the seemingly endless flow of goo. “That’s never happened before!” being my reasoned response. A lady from another table sprung into action and brought us a stack of napkins while one of the father’s suggested maybe we ought to visit the bathroom. Uh, sure, right. Poor Zane was trying to clear the last of the food from his mouth and nostrils while I wiped the two of us off and tried to comfort him.

Back at the baby group I cleaned things up the best I could and put Zane into his car seat, getting ready to leave. Zane calmed down, the Earth wobbled back onto its axis, and I could focus more than a few feet away once again. Baby’s kept eating, everyone was making faces and sound effects, and it was as if it never happened. Well, except for the sticky sheen of banana goo covering Zane and I. One of the other parents said their baby had done that on a daily basis for almost two months. The only other time Zane did that was seven months ago when I was feeding him milk on the couch. Twice in nine months. No complaint here.