Another shot from yesterday morning’s marathon crawling session. To steal a line from Melanie, “I don’t go too fast but I go pretty far.” (far being a relative term)

Yesterday was Zane and Faith’s weekly fourth trimester group excursion. It’s then followed by lunch at Salt Hill and this time they perambulated for a bit as well. We had a guest over for dinner and Zane took a short nap about an hour before, at 5pm, which is pretty late for him. He then proceeded to stay up until 8:45, engaging and awake the entire time. I was starting worry that I’d never get him to bed, but after a second big drink of milk his eyes grew heavy and that was that.

Oh, and as he was settling down in his crib I talked to him about the possibility of sleeping until 4:30am. I showed him the clock above his bed, explained that it would be around 7.5 hours and how he’s done that a number of times no problem. He grinned mischievously and drifted off.

So I was quite surprised when I came upstairs at 4am to find Faith feeding Zane and to hear that he slept all through the night, waking at 3:45 (again!). Seven hours and almost a perfect time span.

Obviously I should have explained daylight savings time.