Well, now...

Hey, Standing!

This could be interesting. Right?

Zane spent the day at the office yesterday. In between Dad working, Zane napping, and visiting co-workers, he spent a lot of time sitting. It’s to the point that I can put him on the floor and he’ll just sit.

That is once I coerce his legs and hips to bend. Given his druthers he’d stand all of the time, so when you lower him to the floor for sitting he’ll hold his legs out stiffly as if to say, “Hey, wait I’m standing, you don’t want to make me sit, do you?”

Yesterday instead of standing on Dad’s lap or even on the floor holding Dad’s hands, Zane got to venture into the wobbly world of standing by himself. Propped up in front of the crib I encouraged him to hold on for dear life. After thinking, “Hold on, why?” and falling backwards a couple of times the concept finally clicked. He’s not entirely sure what the legs and feet should be doing as his feet tend to slide apart over time.

I really wanted to get a picture of this but had no idea how long he’d hold on and without a wide angle lens I needed to step back a ways. The shot above was taken with my leg behind him and the rest of my body leaned as far back as possible. As it turned out he fell backwards right as the picture was snapped.

Next week: standing on his head.

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