Webcam Confidential

Roll your mouse over Zane to help him drink his milk.

Speaking of which he’s been drinking a lot less milk these days and Faith has been weaning, if that’s the word, away from pumping. He’s eating lots of solids, drinking cows milk, and having the occasional juice or water. Faith is to be commended for sticking with the pumping as most of the mothers we know who tried it gave up on the hassle/pain of it all and switched to formula. I think it helped, Zane has only been sick once and hasn’t even had the sniffles very often.

Some random observations. He seems to be left handed these days. When eating he almost always gravitates to using his left hand to pick up food or wield a utensil. The right hand seems just as capable when he uses it but not as favored. Maybe ambidextrous? Also, sometimes when he’s eating, the first two fingers on his right hand cross.

He and Faith went out for dinner and xmas shopping last night while I shoveled snow off of our roofs, so I didn’t get a chance to take any new photos. Here’s some captures from his webcam.