Wasn't that a party?!

Zane’s third birthday was an action packed adventure. We started the day with a recycling run to the dump, then swung by the “birthday present store” to see what Zane might like:everything and nothing. In the end he decided on a bicycle horn (I wanted to get him a scooter) which he then played all of the way up to the register. I’m sure everyone was delighted.

We then stopped and saw a bunch of antique cars. Zane zipped around them for a while, but what he really wanted to do was go inside the shopping complex to see the model train on display. And then to the toy store to see more trains. Eventually dad had to intervene so we could go home and get ready for his party. I’d cooked carrot cake muffins earlier in the day and Faith had baked the train cake, but it still needed decoration and frosting. Unfortunately she also had a singing performance all afternoon and time was tight so I ended up decorating the cake. Heather, John, and Dana showed up shortly after Zane finished lunch. We had a one-way video chat with his NY Grandparents and the whole gang watched as Zane opened presents. Aunt JJ & company won the day: when Zane opened the little take-apart car present that was pretty much the ONLY thing he wanted to talk about or play with from that point forward.

The party started at 4pm. I tossed a bunch of tunnels and other toys into the little fenced in play area figuring they’d all be played with at some point or another. I also put up a quick fence around the pond, just for a little piece of mind. It turns out the pond was a big hit with all of the kids who counted frogs, fish, and tadpoles. We had croquet set up, but figured that wouldn’t get much play. At the last moment I tossed a bunch of big balls into the yard and they turned out to be a huge hit with the kids as you’ll see in a later video.

Nobody got hurt, there weren’t any big crying fits, and there was lots and lots of squealing, so I call the party a success. Eventually everyone came inside, we lit the candles and then sang happy birthday to a beaming three year old. He finally got to eat his “birthday train cake” which he’d been checking on every few minutes all afternoon. People started filtering out and the party wrapped up around 6:30. One of the families brought a present that we didn’t get a chance to open. Lucky for us. Turns out it’s this monster truck that even trumped the take-apart car. He wanted to take it into the bath (many tears later he took bath with it sitting nearby, dry) and took it to bed and wouldn’t part with it. For the first time ever he said “It’s mine!” and acted possessive about something. Eventually I convinced him that the truck needed to sleep in its garage (a corner of the bed) and he went to sleep.

A really big, fun day for our three year old. Here’s a video of the squealers.