Waskly Easter Wabbit!

The easter egg hunt in town was yesterday morning. Hundreds of kids line up along the edge of a playground dotted with plastic eggs. The eggs hold a variety of candies and treats, four of them with “special” eggs inside for a grand prize. Just when the kids are about to organize and overthrow those that would oppress them and keep them from the eggs they let them go and it turns into a mad frenzy. Once they are sated, baskets full of rewards, the easter bunny decides it is safe to appear for photos with the kids. This year Zane was interested in seeing the bunny AND getting his picture taken with his friends.

While Zane was waiting for the egg hunt to start he decide to follow one of his pre-school teachers around as she handed out flyers. So the scene was, one to three preschoolers following a teacher with one or more parents following them.

Here’s a short movie from yesterday.