Wash Day

“Warm-Cold or Warm-Warm, I can never remember…”

Zane and I went shopping yesterday morning. Ultimately it was to pick up sneakers for his dad, but in the end all we got were Zane clothes. I put the squeakers on him (thanks Zandy) and had him walk pretty much wherever we went. That included the big pet store (Zane likes dog chew toys and little chirpy birds), kmart, payless, famous footwear, and kohls. It took us all morning because we pretty much went at his pace and, well, he does get distracted.

We could have made a pile of money if I were selling squeaker shoes. Even clerks in the shoe stores thought they were a great. It would have been like shooting fish in a barrel to sell a pair to the grandparents that stopped to marvel at our cute, squeaky Zane.

This was the first time Zane and I went shopping where he walked most of the time. I really liked it despite the slower pace. He had fun, I didn’t have to carry him or push around a cart, and more importantly he got LOTS of exercise and slept like a rock later on.