Warm November Days

The weather has been pretty fantastic lately. Yesterday Faith took Zane to the playground for a couple of hours and then we all went out to eat. After we got home Zane went right back to playing outdoors, mostly rituals that involved moving gravel from one container to another, with short breaks to go down the slide. The slide is so small compared to what he’s used to these days that he has to manufacturer new ways to make it challenging, as you can see in the video below. The first part of the video is missing sound, unfortunately. Zane was counting stepping stones as he walked from one to the next. He still skipped over 14/15/16 but did make it into the twenties before running out of stones.

I should mention the collar. Whenever he wears a jacket or shirt with a high collar like this he then spends the whole day chewing it. He may have never taken to binkies, but leather zipper pulls are a whole other thing.