Want you to be happy?

If there were only one thing I could “adjust” in the world of having a three+ year old it would be that phrase. I’m not sure where or how he picked it up, but often when you are trying to tell him to do something or correct bad behavior his answer is to turn and say, “want you to be happy?” And we’re all, “ARRGGHHH, I AM HAPPY!!!” Which of course invokes the same response.

Some cute things he’s said lately. He likes to drink ice water these Winter days and last night at the dinner table he philosophized over a nice cold cup of it, “Some people say ice water and some say ice in water. I like ice in water.” As he and Faith were heading out to dance class she told him to give me a kiss. After a particularly wet smooch I said, “ah, is that a dog kiss?” “No,” he said. “A cat kiss?” I asked. “No,” he explained, “it was a man kiss!” The other night after reading books and turning the light off he asked for a baby Zane story. I suggested he tell it, which he proceeded to do. “Zane was really little and he went to the doctor and then he grew and grew and grew and then he was a big boy and got a bunk bed.”