Walking and Piano-ing

At piano

Another Zane movie for your viewing pleasure. The movie has it all: babbling, screaming, raspberries, da-das, and even a little crying. Laura thought it should have a happier ending. I was shooting the stark reality angle.

Normally Zane cruises back and forth along the couch from mini-piano to the other standing toy. I think the video camera drew him like a moth to stay around the piano. Speaking of the piano, it’s another hand-me-down from Tyler and just the perfect height for Zane to stand at. He plays the keys but every once in a while we noticed a whole song coming out. How’d he do that? Turns out there’s a little flap below it to hang toys off of. If you push or pull it far enough the piano rewards you with a little ditty. Zane figured it out all by himself and you can see him reaching down to trigger it.

We bought him a box of teething biscuits yesterday. He was all over that biscuit, turning into a slobbery, chewing slime boy in no time at all. What we didn’t expect was him waking up around 11 and crying for the next few hours. I see, by “teething” biscuit it means he’ll start teething after he eats it? They should have a warning on the box.