Waiting Room Only

At the waiting room of Dr’s office yesterday where much to Zane’s joy they had LOTS of trucks! And what’s a good truck if you can’t raise the bed and sit on it? We ended up waiting almost an hour before being seen, which Zane didn’t seem to mind. When it came time for the checkup all of the probes and poking put him in a pretty bad mood and his temperature started climbing. It’s almost like he’s little Jack Jack from the Incredibles, turning into a fireball when he gets upset.

She said his lungs sound good and the ears are red (drums?). He got an antibiotic prescription, which she’s hoping will see him in better shape by Saturday. Whatever it is it seems to be cyclical, clearing up for parts of the day only to return and knock him down again a few hours later. Snuggling into someone’s shoulder is the only thing he wants to do when that happens.