One of the things I picked up at the mommy get together is that most of the mommies still have their baby sleeping in the same room: either in a nearby crib, co-sleeper, or in bed with them. They were talking about trying to get the baby to sleep in another room, or even the closet (doesn’t that bring up great images?!) and how difficult it was.

Luckily for us Zane seems perfectly content with his own room. It was an accidental thing, mostly. He slept on a co-sleeper in our room for a while and then alternated nights in his crib while one of us slept on a couch in the room with him. Eventually we moved the couch out and he didn’t seem to miss us at all. He probably came to the conclusion that sleep was more restful without the great beasts that snore in the night.

He has a couple new tricks. One is the revolving baby trick where he rolls and spins around in the crib. It used to be that wherever you placed him at night you would find him the next morning. Nowadays he may have spun 180 to 360 degrees, shuffled off to a corner, or propped his feet up on the sides.

The other new trick is his thumb. There’d been some exploratory forays into thumb, hand, and toy sucking before but nothing like this. He’s popping it into his mouth quite a bit now.

A couple months ago we thought to get him using a pacifier, since he hadn’t shown any interest in the thumb and the pacifier seemed like a better long-term choice (you can take one of them away, right?). No luck. Now that he’s really found his thumb one has to wonder what to do next. Let it ride? Giant mittens? Put a little hot chili powder on it?