Use your imagination...

He’s in there. Really. I wouldn’t just show a picture of a box covered with a big pillow and blanket and try to pass that off as a Zane photo. Well, maybe if I were desperate.

Originally he was in the box and wanted the top closed. Did that. Then he wanted it to be covered. Did that. Then he wanted a pillow on top of that. Did that. Another pillow please? After a short discussion with myself and with him about his ability to even know if there’s another pillow or not, I did that too. Eventually he pushed his way out, folded up the box flaps and we worked on setting up this arrangement, after which he insisted that I “Go get mommy!”

He’s still not very good at hiding, since he either can’t stop giggling or, when you say “gee I wonder where Zane is” a little voice perks up with “hey, I’m over here!” Still, he gets a hundred percent for enthusiasm.