Upside Down Kind Of Lfe

He was watching a kids show on PBS last week and when I came in to check this is how I found him. All of these times he was reading upside down books maybe weren’t so odd after all. He’s simply able to transpose in his head.

Been meaning to do an update on his speaking abilities. I could joke and say, “How do you turn this thing off!” because he is almost always talking or sing-songing or something. Last night he “read” the Sunday comics to himself for a quarter hour, supplying all of the dialog. After he was done he told me that he didn’t like all of the words. “Once you can read then you’ll like them.” “No, no, they are no good.” No matter what he’s doing — playing in the sandbox, throwing rocks/gravel, taking a bath — he is talking or singing to himself. On the other hand, when he’s sitting down to dinner with us or doing something else “unpleasant” he’ll sometimes revert to squeaks and grunts. “Use your words,” we’ll chide, but he’s just an unfathomable kid at that point.

Last night we wandered around the pond, checking out all of the frogs. There must be a couple dozen big, fat bullfrogs and the eggs they laid last week are already starting to produce tiny tadpoles. The normal chain of events are that the frogs lay eggs and then sometime shortly after, usually around the time the eggs hatch, the toads move in. Well, at least one male toad showed up early and, as you can see, has latched onto a bullfrog. After I separated them, the toad jumped into the pond and the frog hung out on the rock. Zane worked up his courage and tentatively touched the frog. The second time he touched it the frog jumped into the pond where the toad was lying in waiti and ambushed it again. So goes life, I guess.

Later, we were looking at the photo on the iPhone and Zane supplied the narrative:

“Will you lay my eggs?”