Upside Down Kid

Zane is getting really good at standing on his head. He does it on the couch no problem, since that leans back a bit (and is very padded). On the bed it’s a bit harder because either he doesn’t realize the role his arms play in holding him up or they aren’t quite strong enough. Still, very impressive.

He’s also good a lot of other things. Hide-and-go-seek for example. Not only can he say the word really well now, but he counts to ten and then says “ready or not here I come.” Now, he does count awful fast and it’s a little hard to get into your hiding place in time and this is greatly compounded by Raz, the dog who likes to point out where daddy is hiding. On the other hand it’s also easy to find Zane because he still giggles while hiding and if you don’t find him quick enough (minutes) he yells out “I’m in here!” Still, none of that matters, Zane loves to play.