What are you looking at?

Getting a pimple when you aren’t even a year old is totally unfair, although this is better than the little outbreak he had when barely a month old.

Another unfairness in babyland is Dad. One minute he’s there and the next he’s gone. A baby should be carried by dad 24×7, and then he’d be tired of him and want more mommy. As it is, it’s kind of unfair to mommy that Zane makes a fuss whenever dad shows up or leaves, or falls immediately asleep on his chest while watching Phineas and Ferb, or passes the time saying “dada dada daaa daaa.”

Zane is eating chunkier foods now, including little O’s and chunks of rice bread. We’re pretty sure that tomato/basil isn’t on his list of favs. He’s still working on his crawling, with a fair bit of rolling thrown in. He likes to stand and does some slow-motion cruising, which means he’ll navigate around or along things while standing. Faith said he “passed” all of the milestones in one of the baby books, but another baby book had a totally different list and he didn’t have a couple of them.

He certainly knows where things are and what they are. The swing is a good example of object permanence. He’ll be staring lovingly at it and if I block the view he’ll lean to one side of the other to look at it. Turn him around to face the other way and he looks over his shoulder. Luckily we can still introduce something brighter or noisier and distract him.

He loves his kitty and Tink is tolerating fists-full of her hide being commandeered by chubby baby hands. He laughs when he sees her and laughs when he pets her. He also laughed last night when Faith was watching the dog show on TV. I think that is one of my favorite things about Baby Zane, how much he lights up when smiling and laughing.