Two Fisted Eater

Well, it’s more of a matter that Zane won’t relinquish the old spoon or fork until a new one is presented. And sometimes not even then. Zane seems to be learning to eat with utensils. Out to eat this weekend he “borrowed” one of the forks and fed himself the food stuck on the tines. He also stabbed something from his pile of food and ate that, but it’s very possible I hallucinated that part. The next night Faith called me over to watch Zane eat Tapioca off of pre-loaded spoons she passed him.

“Does he have a runny nose?” I asked.

“Naw, that’s tapioca that missed.”

Obviously these two have way too much fun with their food.

Oh, look, a reflection of the photographer in the window. The flash looks a little funny because I don’t point it at the subject, instead bouncing the light off the ceiling so it is more diffuse and there aren’t such hard shadows. More info on the technique here.