Tree Farm

Yesterday I got home from work around 3:30 and Zane still hadn’t gone to sleep for his nap. He upended his dirty clothes basket and started whacking it against the door. Mom went in there when she saw his fingers wiggling out from under the door. It’s become akin to trapping a tornado in the room come nap time.

So at four, with Zane as far from sleeping as ever, we bundled him up in winter gear and headed down the road to get a xmas tree. The same folks who sell eggs also have a couple small tree farms, which runs mostly on the honor system. Pick the tree you want, cut it down, and don’t forget to stuff twenty-five bucks into the egg money container down the road. Zane walked amongst the trees with us, but didn’t have a definitive opinion one way or the other. It was shoved in the van (the last couple of years we walked, but it was too cold this time), payment dropped off, and back home to trim and mount it. You can see a picture of that over on Mom’s blog.

Here’s a shot from dinner where, after eating a huge meal, Zane must have decided it was time to rehydrate.