Trains & Busses

This was a complicated playtime, involving loading trains into and out of the school bus. At one point it got pretty rough and Zane walked over to hand me the bus’s rear door. I didn’t quite understand his explanation of the incident.

Do you ever wonder what strange behaviors you might be instilling in your kid? Often when I feed Zane I’ll organize his food into groups and we’ll count the pieces, which usually leads to him doing some subtraction-through-consumption (although I’m not sure if he appreciates subtraction yet). Or we’ll turn a piece of hotdog and noodles into a rocket, complete with countdown, blast-off, and telemetry beeps once it’s in orbit. Is he going to be like Nikolai Tesla: only able to enjoy his meals after he’s counted and calculated the cubic contents of the food? Will meals end up involving bigger and more intricate rockets made out of food, a dinner table arms race of sorts?

If nothing else I hope the giggling and laughing stay around. As I was putting him to bed last night I said, “Oooh reeeeeeally?” which made Zane laugh, so of course I kept doing it. Pretty soon he was saying “Oooh reeed deee!” and we both would crack up.

Happy Birthday to Grandma Phil. Here’s Zane showing how magnets work.