Train Stacking

What a difference a day makes! Friday was probably the worst day of the illness, with his temp bumping up into 104° territory and basically all of his bones melting: necessitating non-stop holding by his parents. We’d started him on the antibiotics Thursday evening and the Dr. said if he wasn’t better by Saturday morning we should bring him back in to the weekend clinic. Friday night Zane and I spent on the family room couch, watching his old videos (he even smiled during Raised by Wild Dogs). We then started Wall-E, at which point he laid down on his side to watch. He was totally enamored with it. Half way through he nodded off to sleep. I tried to transfer him to bed without waking but that didn’t work and he really wanted to spend the night on my shoulder. I ended up coming back to comfort him not too long after he was put in bed and then overnight Faith had to do the same two more times, one of which he was drenched in sweat.

Saturday morning dawned and Faith (staying in bed a little extra: her day off) was convinced Zane would need to go into the clinic. I got him dressed and he seemed a little bit better…it’s always hard to know for sure…but he was a little clingy. I cooked him up a big meal of oatmeal with yoghurt and strawberries, which he wolfed right down. After that his spirits seemed to pick up dramatically, so I decided to skip the clinic and go enjoy our day.

And what a day it was. First stop White River Junction train station where we wandered from train to train, from the 1890’s model on display to the working engines and cars around the lot. We even went in to the visitor center (mostly to warm up) and the nice lady gave Zane some train brochures and filled us in on train related sites around the area.

Next stop: the Airport!

Our airport isn’t all that big and most of the time you might see one business jet and a half dozed Cessna prop planes. Zane has been reading about airplanes since our trip to the Space and Air Museum (his Mom bought him an airplane book) so he knew just what the jet airplane was on the other side of the fence…that is if I’m translating his “wooooaaaaooooaaaa” correctly. We then climbed up top of an observation platform and observed for a while. The aviation center has an indoor observation area and inside was another father with his 2.5 year old daughter. We I went in and while Zane explored I talked to the dad. They are getting ready to go on her first flight and he was trying to fill her in on all of the plane related stuff. A Cessna was just powering up outside for a student flying lesson so we all watched while it taxied to the runway.

Next stop my office to take some pictures with Charlie. Zane played with the electronics (uh, Barry, your computer was rebooted: 28 times at least) and crawl around on furniture. Then we headed home, picking up some lunch on the way. He ate a bunch again all the while playing with a Thomas the Tank Engine cup one of his friends had left behind. Zane had so much energy compared to most of the past week that I was wondering if he’d ever go down for a nap. It was a bit of a challenge, but after about the sixth time of laying him in his crib I got out the Big Dog Little Dog book and read it to him until he slowly drifted off.

After a good three hour nap we headed down to the playground, which was packed, and he played on the slides and watched all of the older kids zipping around. It’s almost always the case that he’s the youngest. Tyler and Janet swung by for a bit, which is kind of funny since Zane was wearing 90% Tyler hand-me-downs and Janet said, “he looks so familiar!” That evening after a good dinner we went to the family room, turned on some music, and Zane re-introduced himself to his trains and books. He didn’t come over and cling to me once, instead he spent a good half hour playing with the trains (click the image above to watch a short movie of it) before going to the book shelf and sitting down to read a bunch of books. Then he got a bath, had a snack, and without much effort at all went to bed where he slept the entire night through!

It is such a relief to have him healthy and full of energy again. Now we’ll have some spare time to be sick ourselves!