Train Inspector

The caption is probably, “How could this possibly be for 3 years and older when there’s not even a working power plant or transmission?”

Another busy day of exploration and destruction yesterday. Faith suggested the other day that we make sure everything is at least three inches away from counter’s edge and away from grasping Zane fingers. That kind of got shot down when Faith announced, “Oh, there’s the scissors” when she saw Zane walking across the family room with them. I’d set them over a foot away from a table’s edge, not taking into account that Zane would employee some of his toys to climb up on it. A quick measurement while putting him in PJs shows that he’s somewhere north of 34 to 35 inches tall now.

We topped off the day with a trip to home depot and dinner out. We sat next to a table of five kids (7 and younger) and judging by how Zane studied them he was taking notes for how he might behave, “Hmm, you can DO that???” I think the telling moment was shortly before everyone left one of the boys shoved a hunk of bread up his nose. I was watching the look on his face right after he did it and there was some consternation when he realized that he couldn’t pick it out using his finger and inhaling or exhaling didn’t seem to do anything. Finally he got this, oh well, look on his face and told everyone else about his great achievement, following it up with a sneezing fit. No idea if the bread-n-booger module went flying across the room or not.

Luckily I put up the mailbox for Zane as he’s been getting a bunch of mail. Another card arrived from Grandma Phil yesterday (Moose card!) and the day before he got a singing birthday card from The Other Z (Zandy). I managed to grab a video of yesterday’s mail check in progress.