Another action packed Zane ‘n’ Daddy Saturday, with an early morning dump run, a short nap, a sledding run down Great Brook Road, and a few meals scattered throughout. Afterwards we were just laying around the family room, Zane on the verge of falling asleep but in full denial, when Faith came down and announced that we were all going to a train show.

“Yeah, but, he’s almost asleep,” says dad.

“Mern, squeee!” says baby.

“He can sleep on the way,” says mommy.

And away we went. And sleep he did. In fact he slept through the train show. Thinking we might gently wake him up we took a walk up and down the train tracks: frigid February air, noise of idling diesels, the carriage rumbling and pitching over slags of frozen slush. Snooze on little baby. We made the executive, parental decision that waking him up to see the trains would be better overall than letting him sleep another twenty minutes or so past closing time.

Sleepy as he was I think Zane enjoyed the trains and little dioramas surrounding them. He has these little telescoping octopus arms and almost pulled a miniature house off the layout before I could stop him.

Following the trains we took Zane to the big pet store for the very first time. I think it’s safe to say that the fish weren’t all that impressive, considering he has a pond with almost a hundred of them at home. The dogs garnered a few looks, but dog toys are really much more interesting. Then, with the help of his Dad, Zane played peek-a-boo with a pug. The pug was funny, running up to the window when Zane disappeared below it and the jumping backwards in shock/playfulness when he’d suddenly re-appeared. Zane laughed and laughed.

There was an interesting moment when Zane was next to a lady holding a very little puppy in her arms. The puppy was all eyes for Zane, but Zane didn’t even notice it and was google-eyed for all of the people looking at him (and dog toys).

All in all a fun outing.

Last night I cooked food for Zane. We’ve been mostly feeding him bottled (organic) foods as we get used to this whole solid-food thing: babies eventually eat solids, who knew? Since I cook a lot of our grown-up meals it finally dawned on me that, hey, I could cook for Zane too. So now he has a few jars of homemade organic carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and even some chicken mush. The chicken was mixed with sweet potato to give it a little body and lighten it up a bit. The bottled “chicken” we’ve been feeding him seems to be mostly sweet potato that, perhaps, had a chicken in the same room when it was prepared.

Zane’s a good eater. He’s even eating green things now and will really pack it in as long as he doesn’t get too bored. Faith uses plastic letters and spoons to keep him occupied. I sing and babble. At some point in the meal he’ll start up the raspberries. I’m not sure if it’s a sign that he’s full or bored, but it makes the feeding more of a challenge, especially if he starts mid-spoonful.

His one tooth is coming along nicely and we catch glimpses of it regularly. The second tooth seems to be slower to emerge and for a while I was convinced that it wasn’t really there. No indication if there’s top teeth coming in yet.