Top Secret Tent Fort

Zane is becoming an old hand at tent forts. We’ve made a few in his race car bed and of course he went camping in a tent over the Summer. Last night we started off with a small tent, which looked a lot like a blanket thrown over Zane and his Dad (with guest appearance by Raz), and then moved up to the full couch model. That was good for at least ten minutes of fun.

A little later I walked upstairs just before Zane was going to bed. Faith was standing at the roll top desk and Zane was next to her. “Good grief he’s getting so big!” I thought to myself. He was looking over with a serious, big boy expression and seemed so mature.

Turns out he was standing on one of his toys, giving him an extra six inches of height. And then, once he smiled, our little boy returned. Phew!