Too Mush Fun

Fun Fun Boy

As promised (and only a week late!) I’ve put together and uploaded a video of Zane’s first solid food eating experience last Saturday. There were so many funny faces (not all of them Zane’s) that it was hard to trim the movie down to a manageable size. It still comes out to almost four minutes.

Oh, and by “Zane’s first solid foods” we also mean, “Faith & Jerry’s first attempt at feeding solid food to a baby.” Since then we’ve honed our technique (i.e. no more standing) and are old pros at it. Zane has also been honing his technique and by now is an old pro at deciding if, and how well, the feeding will go. This is one of those times that a velcro onesie and a velcro wall would be really handy!

When I explained the feeding to my sis she asked if I made any faces. “Of course not.” I replied. I hadn’t watched the video yet and of course I made tons of faces. Heck, I have a hard time not moving my mouth when watching the video of the feeding. Let’s see how well you do.

Aardvark Lips