Toadstools and Trucks

In a package from his Wyoming Grandma there was a toy truck. When I went to get him up from his nap it was in my hand and amazingly that’s the first thing he spotted: “want toy truck?” After handing it over I said, “Do you want to go to the playground?” To which he replied, “Take playground to truck?” or something a little backwards like that, but which clearly meant not without my new truck buddy. So off we went, Zane doing his best to play on all of the equipment one-handed, so as not to let go of the truck. It’s an articulated truck, which I mentioned to him: “Ticulated truck?” No, articulated truck. “Our ticulated truck?” Close enough.

And whether it gives any clues as to which hand he prefers or not, he did try to hang from the monkey bars, putting his right hand on a bar and then the left. But the left was holding the truck, so he transferred it to the right hand, grabbed the bar with the left and then managed to sort of grab the bar with his right hand, truck and all.