Tippy Toes

For all of the times where he’s a bit challenging it is amazing and how big our little fella has become. He’s always active, talking and singing, and of course running and climbing. Well, it’s not so much running as it is, what Faith calls, flitting. She took him to the Montshire Museum yesterday since he’d been asking for “museum? dinosaurs?” for the past twenty four hours. He may have looked at dinosaurs, but for the most part he was non-stop action Zane for the two hours or so that they were there. One part of the museum features a large kids area with tunnels and stairs and tree houses and so on. Zane now climbs up and down the four foot ladder with ease.

Even when he walks it is usually on his tip toes, as if gravity is having as hard a time keeping him in check as we are.

Zane and I went out and played with our Igloo on Saturday. He tried his best to knock it down, but as you’ll see in the movie it held up admirably. Rain moved into the area yesterday morning and the igloo didn’t fare so well.