Three Feet High and Rising

I managed to mark both Zane and Raz’s heights on the wall we use for tracking yesterday and it looks like Zane has hit the three foot mark. He’s still the same weight so maybe we’ll start calling him Taffy.

He started getting a cold yesterday. His mom and I have been debating how he might have got it, me saying it’s surely from pre-school and she’s convinced that him drinking the water in the Montshire Science Museum’s water park was the culprit. Either way we are now trying to teach him that it’s neither funny or appropriate to wipe your boogers off on other people. Whenever he gets goopy food or boogers on his hands he tries to wipe it off on the nearest parent. Lovely.

We went to a party with adults (and zero kids) last night. I spent most of the time chasing Zane around, realizing that our house, the playground, and houses with other little kids are much more relaxing simply because you know what you’re up against. You forget how much kid-proofing you’ve done until you go to someone else’s place. A two year old and a table of delicate knick knacks should never meet.

On the plus side they had an old trampoline that Zane thoroughly enjoyed!