This is...

Let’s see if you can guess what’s happening in this series of photos. Very animated, lots of hand waving and smiling and questions. Explaining the school day? Yawning? Discussions of trucks or word world? Drawing? Doing a puzzle?

Give up?

He’s eating a cinnamon roll. What, you don’t see the roll? Well, welcome to Zane O’s world where it takes a half hour or more to eat a silver dollar sized mini-cinnamon roll and most of that time doesn’t involve the roll at all. There’s lots of important questions to ask, “what does sugar do?” “is that sugar?” “where is sugar?” along with little samplings along the way, albeit barely perceptible. He took a potato chip from me the other day and then proceeded to simply hold it in his hand for the next ten minutes. I’m not sure if he gets this whole “food” thing.