Things are speeding up...

I can’t believe how much Zane has been changing lately. Every single day his reasoning seems to expand and evolve. He’s taking apart things we say and making his own sentences (and demands!) based on them. He mentioned garbage truck during dinner and I said we should see if we can find some videos of garbage trucks loading and unloading later on. Sure enough, after dinner, he was all over the place asking: “garbage truck?”, “see garbage truck load?”, “Daddy, find garbage trucks?” So we fired up youtube and watched a few dozen videos of every kind of garbage truck you can imagine, including scale models that some disembodied hand operated manually (which seemed very strange).

All of which expanded his heavy equipment repertoire even further.

While watching a dump truck on youtube he turned to us after it upended its load and declared, “dump truck is empty.” He also identified a road grader in one video even though it had an extra blade across the front that we’d never seen before. Youtube is great for this kind of spur-of-the-moment equipment viewing: you don’t end up with a bunch of videos laying around, they are generally short, and you can change to another type of video (Schoolhouse Rock!) in no time at all.

Faith and Mom have decided that Zane is establishing a household hierarchy. When daddy is home then he has to sit next to, and feed Zane. Mommy goes in the chair at the end of the table and Grandma is across the table. For meals while Daddy is gone then it’s Mommy next to Zane. Last week it was Grandma feeding him, but apparently he’s decided to promote Mommy for a while.