The Zen of Zane

We had a pretty busy Saturday as usual. Up early and I asked Zane what he’d like for breakfast. “Birthday cake!” Oh, really? “Blueberry Birthday Cake!!”

So he and I made “blueberry birthday cake” for breakfast, which really looked a lot like blueberry pancakes (hey, if you stack them high enough they’d make a fine cake). After helping me mix the batter I set him loose on a small bowl of frozen blueberries only to hear a few minutes later, “more blueberries?” and find a boy with very purple face and fingers. He ate a whole pancake, er, blueberry birthday cake all by himself too.

Now, lest you get the wrong idea, Zane really doesn’t have a sweet tooth. He likes the “idea” of birthday cake, but when it comes time to eat sweets he’s usually pretty restrained. Last night after going out to eat with a friend Faith brought home left-over ice cream brownie sundae for Zane and I. Zane had two nibbles and that was it, forcing me to eat the rest. “:^)

Our first chore was recycling after picking up the cans and bottles at work. I had an old stereo to recycle, which ended up being dropped off right next to the “free books” bookcase. Not only did they have some kid books for Zane but someone had put out a Zen Alarm Clock which is a nice wooden triangle with a cheap plastic clock in the center and a tone bar. Apparently what it does is progressively wake you up by sounding the “gong” more and more frequently over time. All I know is that Zane thinks it’s the coolest thing, carrying it around the house and playing with the hands.

Zane’s been a little more fickle in his eating lately and he’s woken up crying a couple nights this week. It’s probably because another of his second molars is breaking through the gums. I’ve probably mentioned a zillion times that he eats pretty much everything, but I think it’s time to conclude, new molars or not, that he is no longer interested in beets. He used to like them, but now we’re lucky if we can get more than one bite into him before he starts making faces and pushing them away. On the other hand it turns out that he loves ketchup and horseradish sauce, not only on fish sticks but on tater tots and green beans and probably blueberry birthday cake if it were available for dipping.

After his nap (an early one) we headed to the park and at one point he decided to climb all of the rocks ringing the parking lot (picture above, movie below). Whenever he’s trying to climb down from a really high spot (a few inches!) and his feet don’t immediately touch the ground he hangs for a while, gets a wild look on his face, screams a little, and then lowers himself the rest of the way and moves on to the next mountain.

Here’s a movie with a few clips from the day: Cliff Hanger: The Movie

At the end of the day we watched a movie. I pulled up the four possibilities (mostly pixar) but as soon as he saw the Cars logo he started chanting “race car? race car?” and that was our movie. At the very beginning of the movie there’s a montage of the lead race car mentally preparing himself, interspersed with clips of cars racing. Zane watched for a couple seconds and turned to comment, “Fast!” I love how he is coming up with his own descriptions and observations about things.