The Weeks Get Busier

Roll your mouse over the happy kid for a surprise!

Another crazy week and a lot of fun (well, except for the one early morning wake-up). Zane continues to gain energy and verbal skills, sometimes it seems in the course of a few hours. Yesterday he, Raz, and I were attempting a nap together and while Raz and I were about out of it Zane was zipping around the room, reading, talking and giggling. During one of his calmer moments I heard him counting. He counted up to ten! Looking over I saw that he’d just finished counting his fingers all by himself. Then, driving down the road yesterday, he said “two busses” and sure enough, tucked into the back lot of the car dealership we were passing were two busses. This was surprising for a couple of reasons: 1) he just came out and said how many busses he’d seen, 2) he didn’t say “two bus”.

Weighed him last night and he’s up to 24.5lbs. I’m pretty sure he’s at or has recently passed three feet tall. Tall, skinny guy. We’re saving up money to get him a butt implant though, since few of his 2t pants will stay on! “:^)

Let’s see what else. He eats raw onions. Still loves anything with the word “berry” in its name. Was using little pizza slices to “shim” up his plate last night. He and Raz still have an mutual friendship/understanding, although there’s times when they wrestle each other over the same toy. Naps and even bedtimes are getting harder, he’s just too into reading books and blabbering to calm down. He got a new wagon yesterday and really loves it, sitting in it to watch an episode of Sesame Street.

Lots of other stuff over the week, here’s a movie that captures some of it.