The Trouble With Friends

The trouble with friends is that they give you colds and flus and bonks on the head, to name a few. They are also fun, make you laugh, help you learn new words or show off ones you already know and, face it, it’s hard to fight over the same toy without a friend.

Zane’s friend Jonah was over on Friday and by Saturday apparently had a high fever and other nasty symptoms. I found a binky in the driveway when I came home (Jonah’s), gave it to Faith, she put it on her desk, and of course Zane walked right in the next morning and popped it into his mouth. He doesn’t ever use binkies and yet he chomps down on the only flu-infused one in the house.

He started getting a fever mid-day yesterday and we are hoping it’s not as bad as what Jonah had. I figure he’s had this creeping crud a couple times and is almost immune by now.