The Tooth and nothing but the Tooth

It finally happened, after just barely hanging on for days and days his tooth popped out while eating a pretzel this week. Oh, and then I get the impossible task of trying to take a photo. Two choices these days: out of focus, or crazy. You can see which on I got.

Also in tooth news he had his first fillings on Friday. We were pretty surprised to find out that he needed some since we’d been taking good care of his teeth. Surprisingly the kid who doesn’t like shots made it through getting a needle stuck in his face just fine, albeit with some strange instructions from the dentist/assistant: “close your eyes, now lift your leg, just a little mosquito bite…”. It was the drill that he balked at. He thought it was super cool until it headed for his mouth and then he was all done, thank you very much. It took a few minutes to negotiate our way past that blockade, but eventually he did fine and got the filling.

Yesterday was biking and swimming day. We headed out somewhat early to beat the heat and spent at least two hours just riding and riding and riding. I think there was a period where we rode in circles around the High School parking lots for forty minutes without stopping at all. There’s one section, about halfway in the video below, where he goes down a slight decline and that’s his “blasters on” section where he goes really fast.

Here’s another short video of clips from the ride.

As for swimming, well, I wasn’t really planning on taking him swimming but he kind of tricked me. The night before he had mentioned it (he really wanted to see if he’s tall enough to go down their water tube slide … he wasn’t) and I said that there’s too many other things to do, including cleaning up his room and putting clothes away. How was I to know that the first thing he’d do the next morning is get out of bed and clean up his room? I felt guilty trying to put him off to some other day so after lunch (and putting away his laundry) we went swimming for a couple hours.