The Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth

Tooth View...sorta

If you look really, really, really close you might spot the top tooth. Ok, maybe you won’t, and yet it is there, a big ol’ top tooth poking out and giving him the fits day and night. As they say: if baby ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

We had a great party yesterday. So good that I didn’t get a chance to take a single photo. Between cooking, serving, and herding wild babies the idea of taking a photo never popped into my head. I would have liked to get a few photos of 4-wheel drive Zane. He’s decided that it’s OK to crawl over the top of anything in his way and this includes other babies and their parents. There were a few traffic jams at the slide which Zane attempted to resolve by engaging 4-wheel AND all-squeal drive traction. We are also seeing the beginnings of, “hey, that’s MY toy!”

By the time the last family left it was after seven. Five hours of non-stop kids seems more like a full day. The oldest was 18 months and he zipped around like an overly caffeinated tasmanian devil. The other walker was Frank: 14 months and making the transition to unaided uprightness in only the past couple of weeks, so he mostly stood or moved slowly. I think the youngest was ten months, but all of them were crawling and cruising to some extent. Lots of little meltdowns, mini-crashes, and maxi food messes.

It was a blast.