The Three Phases


Crawling, cruising, and sitting. I think scrambling over Mom and Dad falls under crawling. Oh, and reaching up to whack on Dad’s computer keyboard is considered cruising, or maybe reading.

These days Zane crawls more than he ever had. I think it’s because he finally figured out how to do it on hands and knees and also learned that’s it’s a pretty quick way to get from point A to B. Used to be I’d stand him somewhere and he’d cruise his way across the room, using some rather creative techniques along the way. Now days it’s all about efficiency. He’ll be cruising or standing somewhere and want to reach another part of the room he’ll drop to all fours and skitter right over directly rather than maneuvering the perimeter upright. I suspect at some point he’ll grow tired of the whole up/down/up transition and will invent walking.

If you look close you can see that he got two black fly bites on his forehead yesterday.

Cruising at door Reading