The Soft Side

Here’s a status update on Zane. His second molar on the bottom right is about halfway through the gums, maybe a bit more. The other side is all of the way out and starting to look like it’s always been there. Haven’t checked the upper ones lately. He’s had a bit of a cough and sniffles, which is a good deal compared to what his Grandma has had for the past week. In addition to the swine flu there’s a number of other viruses making the rounds, so we are hoping to keep him healthy and strong.

The other day I was thinking of putting him on the potty for a bit (he and his mom have a regular routine of potty sitting) when I noticed there was some old pee already in it. No idea when he did it, but that’s twice! He still thinks we’re crazy for trying to get him to poop on a potty … I mean, “who would do that?” Update: he peed on the potty for his mom this morning.

He’s walking up and down stairs most of the time, especially if there’s someone there to hold his hand. I noticed at the Montshire last week that he zipped right up the stairs in the kids room, but they are also shallower and easier to navigate with short legs. Bigger stairs require holding the rail and really lifting legs, or almost squatting when going down. It’s fun to watch because he doesn’t pay as much attention now, holding you hand, occasionally looking, and babbling on about something the whole way.

And Zane does like to babble. You still have to think long and hard sometimes to figure out what he’s saying, but it’s usually decipherable. He’s constructing three and four word sentences and many of them make sense. I’m still taken back sometimes when he says something and I realize, “Hey, we didn’t teach him that, he just made it up!”

Here’s a sublime piece of art that Zane created at pre-school last week.