The Rolly Eyes

Last night Zane dragged the rug from in front of the family room door to the other end of the room. “Whatcha doin’ buddy?” I asked, to which he gave me a patent pending (and normally reserved for dinner) eye roll without an answer. Maybe it was meant to say “isn’t it obvious?” or “I’m not here right now, leave a message” or “My name is Raz.” If you study the relationship of eye movement to determine fact/fiction then it is obvious that Zane’s trying to come up with a good explanation too.

Fair warning for anyone watching Zane in the near future: he’s discovered head butting. He and his mom were doing it the other day and I’d forgotten all about it until last night while putting him to bed and he announced (in the dark) “headbutt” and while I deciphered it he proceeded to attempt one. Lucky for me I’m getting pretty fast at Zane translations and avoided getting a forehead in the nose.

BTW, we are up to #4 in the pee-on-potty count. After his nap yesterday I suggested he might want to use the potty and sure enough he went almost right away. Afterwards we celebrated with an episode of Curious George. He’s not really trying to poop in the toilet yet, but lately he has been announcing when the diaper is poopy.