The Return of Danger Baby

Hey, that doesn’t look like a very ergonomic drawing position. Straighten your neck young man or no more crayons!

Danger Baby returned last night. Maybe it was a desire for adventure, maybe it was cabin fever, or maybe dad was just being really boring. He started off climbing up on his little desk and then descending the other side. After a few rounds of that he started trying to climb me, but that was boring so he switched to the end table. The problem with that is his feet wouldn’t quite reach the ground on the descent and so he’d sit there, hanging in mid-air whining. Once I helped him down, once I picked him up and threw him on the couch, and once I transported him to another part of the room. He didn’t like any of them and would be back to the desk, whining, in no time at all.

I put a pillow at the bottom of the “mountain” and all was well.

Here’s a little animated photo series showing the expedition.

Danger Baby Climbing