The Peekaboo Chronicles

You can’t ever say that Zane has a boring or bored expression. A few shots from last night, many of them while we were playing peekaboo. What I was really trying to do was get a shot of his new molar and to see how the other side looks, but he wasn’t having any of that standing still with mouth open stuff. At least not with the camera in sight, he’d been doing it for over ten minutes before that. So I started up a game of peekaboo hoping to sneak in a shot or two.

Last night was a clinging and biting night. He’d be off playing for a while and then come zombie walking back over to me, for a big hug and a nibble. I’d say, “no biting” and he’d flash either a coy, defensive look or one of incredulity, “Me???” And then try to do it again a few minutes later. Maybe he was hungry and that’s his new way of showing it?

By the way his kissing technique is to come at your face with a serious expression and a wide open mouth, which looks way too much like his biting-the-shoulder technique. It’s also very slobbery and just as likely to encompass a nose or cheek as it is the lips. I’m trying my best to get him to pucker, “Pucker your lips, close your mouth…ah, not the NOSE!!!!”