The Party (Saturday)

This year’s birthday party was on Saturday. No bouncy house this time, just a yard full of toys and cars and the new swingset that I’ve mostly finished. Before our afternoon party Zane and I went to someone else’s birthday party in the morning, then rush home to do some mowing, setup the toys, make snacks and so on.

I think there were a dozen kids at the party and around that many parents. Lots of fun, only a couple got hurt or hurt feelings, plenty of cake & ice cream and more wholesome snacks.

This year I made a robot cake. In fact I had everything to make it and we started baking the cake Friday night when, after his first viewing of a Star Wars movie, Zane decided that the robot should be one of those from the movie! Hahaha … no.

Three hours later it was over and time to take care of the robot remnants.