The Ornery One

Seems like at least once a week Zane turns into a tornado. A time in which our 26lb son (26.2lbs!) turns into a force of nature. He empties the bookshelf. He empties the hamper. If we aren’t diligent he’ll empty the dresser of clean clothes. He climbs everything. He knocks over everything. He slowly winds down and may eventually start sleeping on the floor, in the hamper, or half on/half off his cushion. It’s like watching a pinball bounce around the playing field and slowly roll to a stop.

And that’s just nap time!

A few of the moms/dads on Facebook were joking about this and someone suggested removing everything from the room. Nothing to mess up and furthermore a really boring place, thus perpetuating the urge to nap. I instead suggested the “nap closet.” Which resulted in the suggestion of a closet for naps/sleeping and the kid’s room being turned into a big closet.

Believe it or not, in this bottom photo, he is taking a nap. He started falling asleep on the floor, crawled across the room, and fell asleep just like that.