The New Math

Sometimes Zane plays with blocks, but mostly they don’t have anything to do with TRUCKS and are thus way down on the desirable list of toys. The other night I put a block with a half circle cut out of it on top of a circular block and his eyes lit up, “Trailer!” Trailers may be one of his most favorite things of all. Whenever he sees an eighteen wheeler he is careful to point out its trailer and its tractor sections.

Well, after that Zane spent a good twenty minutes making trailers all by himself. And then I took two trailers, abutted them, put a block on top to stabilize, and voilà! Zane immediately dubbed it a “Car!” He tried his hand at making more cars, but it’s a delicate balancing act and he mostly ended up with tilted trailers next to each other. For the pièce de résistance I abutted THREE trailers as shown above. Zane broke out in a wide grin, practically wiggling with excitement:

Three Cars!