The NEW Jelly Halstead

Right after his breakfast sandwich of nut butter and jelly: you can just tell that he wants to snuggle!

When I first moved out here, some twenty some years ago, I adopted a little kitty named Peep. Peep was almost out of kitty age but was still a very small cat and didn’t have much energy. No playing or scampering, just mellow and reserved. She ate a little bit of food, but not barely enough. Eventually I took her to the vet who sent me home with a little tube of protein paste to add to her meal. I remember the first night I gave her some, within no time at all she was a completely different cat: energetic and playful. Like some inner switch had been thrown.

I don’t think anyone would say that Zane is mellow and reserved, but boy oh boy on days like yesterday you start wondering what kind of inner switch got flipped and how the heck do we turn it back off! He had pre-school and then the rest of the day was spent in non-stop activity. The only breaks he really took were to come in my home office and ask for a snuggle, which is really just an excuse to try and play with things on my desk and see if I’ll let him watch youtube. At one point I sent him away with a “go play in the family room” and he took off with such speed and abandon that he ran straight into the corner of the wall.

The video below shows him “thinking” and examining a truck we’d just gotten out of the garage. It took us a good ten minutes to get his shoes on so we could go out to the garage because he was multitasking and multi-what-does-this-doo-ing the whole time. Actual conversation:

Me: “Ok, now tighten it.”

Z: “Righty tighty, lefty loosy!’

Me: “Yes, for bolts and screws. This is your shoe, please pull the velcro.”