The M&M Hop

Zane was eating M&M’s and dried cranberries while watching a movie last night and started jumping in between each nibble. Eventually a light bulb went off, Hey, how about taking a movie of this, dad? To which I replied, “Oh, right.”

Zane was rewarded with another poop truck yesterday. It’s the fifth #2 on the potty so far and we’re all very excited. I almost put him in big boy shorts overnight, but then thought better of it when I realized that I wanted to sleep all night if possible. It’s funny listening to each of the parents and how they or their kid is approaching this training. Some are regimented, others are laissez-faire. One dad was saying that their daughter is in big girl undies now, but asks for a diaper when it’s time to go. Zane wants to go on the potty, but gets so wrapped up in the world of Zanedom, that it’s hard to pull himself away for a few minutes (hours!) he thinks it might take.