The Maneuver

Faith had another play rehearsal so Zane and I headed out to mommy night again. The playground was between the car and the group and I tried to distract him as we went by (“Oh, look, tennis court!”). It worked until the last 20 feet when I set him down to walk and he glanced over his shoulder and noticed the receding slides and bars and bright colors.

Keeping baby walking one direction while his head and heart are straining for another is not easy.

Once we made it to the play group he fell back into character, walking and crawling, trying to steal toys and snacks. He even managed to get a green bean, you can’t beat that.

And then, about twenty minutes later, I turned to find him walking across the lawn, headed to the playground.

“Uh, see y’all. I guess we are leaving.”

Which is where the top photo was taken, showing Zane’s patented maneuver for approaching stairs, slides, and sometimes even a change in floor cover coloring. If he’s walking he drops to all fours. Once in a crawling position he starts turning and crawling backwards, feet groping for the drop-off. It’s the greatest thing in the world and he taught it to himself.

Oh, and should you be watching from the other angle you would certainly see the Tongue of Concentration™!