The Look of NO

Yesterday was a NO day. Not the morning, not the afternoon, not the evening, but the whole day. Faith warned me when I got home that he was saying NO a lot, but I had no idea. It was his response to everything. There was even NO nap, although Faith did try. A dialog might go like this:

“Do you want a tomato?”

“No!” pause, “Want tomato.”

But most of the evening there wasn’t a followup. After we went out to pick raspberries, go for a short walk, and then swing a while he came in and announced, “Want to eat something!” What followed was about ten minutes of Zane saying NO to absolutely every possible thing we had, even a few I made up. It got to the point that when I finally gave up and started eating something myself he came over and told me NO and that he’d “put it away.” This societal meltdown continued into and beyond bedtime, when after being put to bed and crying after Daddy left he and I had a talk about his NO day and if he’d like everyone else to start saying NO to everything. He listened and, believe it or not, when I finally did leave for the night he didn’t say no. This morning he was much less of a NO kid.