The Long Trip Home

Quick math quiz: you are in a vehicle driving 70 miles per hour, how long does it take to traverse 280 miles?

If you said nine and a half hours you are today’s winner!

Now, you do need to factor in a stop at Misses Dana’s house, to play with trucks and cars and slinkies. Then a stop at a WWII boat tour to crawl through the decks and ladders and bunks and gun turrents. A stop for food and gas. A stop at a bookstore (escalators!) to look at books and run and play with trains and try to talk daddy into spending the night there. Then a stop at the Vermont welcome center to look at the displays and try the chairs and say “what is that?” at each rusted farm implement and to play on the playground. Oh, and there’s a bit of driving in there as well.

Some side notes from the trip. Zane has learned the phrase “I Love …” as in “I love escalators!” and as you’d expect it can be used in a little song. “Five more minutes” continues a strong showing, with Zane wanting to spend “five more minutes at Grandma and Grandpa’s” after we were an hour north and then again when we got home. His mind is officially a steel trap. Friday night after arriving at the grandparents he woke at 2am and started saying “Grandma popcorn?” which had me totally confused since there hadn’t been any popcorn, or any mention of it. Well, turns out they’d had popcorn LAST time he was down (six, eight months ago?). Just goes to show that probably everything he says that I think is random free association or an active imagination is actually something real that I’m simply not understanding. Oh, another couple phrases he’s started using, “Maybe…” as in “Maybe Zaney go up the escalator?” and “Pretty” as in “Pretty funny” or “Pretty tiny.”