The Lollipop Chronicles

Despite his new found interest in candy Zane still knows how to get the most out of a lollipop. He’ll sit there watching a show and barely remember to lick it and by the end of the night 70% of the lollipop survived to see another day. In case you are curious we were watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. I thought it held up pretty well and Zane was fascinated the whole show.

Happy Birthday to Aunt Laura!

Speaking of birthdays, last night as I was reading to him in bed I mentioned that he was three and a half years old. The conversation went something like this:

Z “Huh?”
J “It’s like a half birthday, halfway between 3 and 4.”
Z “Where’s Zane going?”
J “What?”
Z “For birthday cake? I like cake!”

Even at breakfast this morning he was curious where the cake was. I said it was his Aunt’s birthday and he wanted to give her a cake too, without any regard for logistics.