The Hipster Diaries

I got a new camera application for the iPhone, Hipstamatic, which instantly turns you into a hipster… or something.

We’ve noticed lately that Zane has been usually getting up in the morning with a dry diaper. Friday night I asked if he’d like to sleep in big boy underwear instead of a diaper and he said yes. He even ran down the hall in just the underwear to show them off to his Mom. Sure enough the next morning he was nice and dry, smiles all around. Not so lucky last night. I should have suspected as much when he chugged down that glass of water and then we didn’t get anything in the toilet before he went to bed. At 1am or so he’s crying and Faith goes in to find him wet and unhappy. She draws up a bath, I change the sheet/pad, and he’s having a grand ol’ time splishing and splashing in the tub in the middle of the night. Next time maybe we’ll use a damp washcloth because he sure didn’t want to leave the tub. Mommy got to spend the first part of Mother’s day sleeping with a sad kid and then Dad took over at six.

Boy, has he been wild lately. Run run jump jump smile smile laugh laugh fall fall crash crash giggle giggle scream scream climb climb climb. Everything but eat eat. Well, nothing new there, he eats a little and starts losing interest. As a treat for a dry night in big boy underwear he got one of his “poop trucks.” At first we called it a grader and then I read underneath that it’s a scraper and it’s been one or the other since. At breakfast he was talking for the grader. “Grader want to go for drive?” meaning with daddy in the car. “Grader watch grader movie?” “Grader eat oatmeal?” Of course the grader didn’t eat oatmeal and neither did the kid until I eventually pulled a grader movie up on the computer and then it was all, chomp chomp chomp, “what grader doooooing?”

And eventually the grader got to go for a drive, too. We hooked the trailer up to the van (cause enough for kid celebration) and drove to the gardening store to pick up a scoop of bark mulch. I knew this would be a highlight since they use a big orange tractor with a front loader to scoop up the mulch and dump it into OUR trailer! Zane was so enthralled he stopped saying “what is xyz dooooing?” for a few minutes.

Happy Mother’s day to Faith and all of the Mother’s and Grandmothers out there!