The Green Team

Zane lends a hand (and a leg or two and a bunch of curiosity) while we piece together some new closet organizers. He likes the cardboard boxes along with the whir noise of the electric drill.

Here’s a movie from the trip to the grandparents. I installed an application called AlphaBaby which turns the computer into a mostly safe environment for the baby. Safe in that he can’t rename or delete files, quit programs or otherwise mess things up. The one exception is the hardware power button, which you’d think would be safe since it needs to be held down for around ten seconds before it automatically shuts off the computer. How Zane figured out that that one button, out of the way and inconspicuous, should be held down forever I’ll never know but he’s gotten pretty close to shutting it down.

The program displays and pronounces letters as you type them, along with making sound effects, displaying pictures and drawing colored shapes. One of the sound effects is a little electronic “stinger” which causes Zane to break out in dance every time.